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Customer Issue Account Manager Answer/Resolution
What # do I call? 877-308-7989 
Can I order shoes, shin guards, balls, or other items from soccer.com when I place my club uniform order? Yes, you may shop the entire soccer.com site and add shoes, socks, replica jerseys, etc. to your order. 
I have a keeper in the club. I want to order the game jersey's and primary shorts in addition to the keeper kit. Every player, even as a keeper, will have the choice of ordering the game jersey as well. This will be in your players specific section. 
Will there be a sizing chart specific to the uniform? The sizing chart avaialble is a generic sizing chart. It can be found at: http://www.soccer.com/channels/about.php?story=sizing.  We recommend that clubs order sample sizes in order to get accurate sizing.  
How do I order Optional items Optional items can be found in the main landing page as well as by choosing "Optional" on the left hand menu.  You can then add those items to your gear bag to purchase. 
Can I order more then one jersey, short or sock? You can order as many items as you would like. There are no maximums. 
Do I need to order all of the required items? Yes, the club has specified what is required for each player by age group. The club requests that you order all product at the same time. 
What is my shipping charge?   Shipping can be found at: http://www.soccer.com/channels/policies.php 
Can I use a gift card on my club order? yes, you may use up to 2 gift cards on your order. 
Can I use a source code on my order You can only use a source code when purchasing items that are not part of your club uniform package. 
I don't know what my player # is Please contact your coach for number assignment
How do I go back and order more product? If you go to soccer.com, there should be a club link in the top right hand corner. You can click on that link to go to your club product. If they link does not show up, you should go to the email that was sent with your player uniform information and click that link. 
I want a jersey without a player # All jerseys and t-shirts require a # at this time. You may choose to buy the jersey at full retail without customization by searching regular soccer.com
My size isn't available This means an item is currently out of stock. Please order either a size up or size down. 
When will my order arrive? You will receive an email confirmation with an expected ship date for your order. 
I only received my non customized product To get your non-customized items to you faster, we have shipped them seperately at no additional cost to you. Your customized items will be coming in a separate shipment. If you ordered items with embriodery, like a backpack or jacket it will most likely come in a seperate package as well. 
Do I get an additional goal club discount on my club product You will only receive goal club discounts on non  club items. For example, if you are a goal club member and you buy a pair of shoes that aren't part of the club's required purchase items, you will receive the goal club discount
Do I get goal club points for my order? Yes, the customer receives points based on their entire order including templated and non templated items