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New Kindergarten Program

The Hanover Soccer Club is committed to the objective of providing our children with the best possible soccer experience so that they can achieve their maximum playing potential. This season we’ll be administering a new program for the Kkids division in an attempt to fulfill our mission.
Over the years we have noticed that our player’s skill level is not quite up to par when entering the Travel program. This year we are bringing in professional trainers who are going to focus on improving their skills rather than just playing games. This will not only get our children off to good start but will prevent them from acquiring any bad habits.
These Saturday sessions will consist of roughly 30 minutes of training and then the  teams will be separated into 2 groups that will play each other in simultaneous 4v4 matches. This will guarantee that all players get as many touches as possible on the ball.
Also, the coaches will now get the opportunity to observe how practices should be run to maximize their players skills. The Parent coach’s weekly practice sessions will mirror these Saturday training lessons in an attempt to reinforce what they have learned. These weekly lesson plans will be provided to the coaches by UKElite and will consist of different objectives. For instance one week the focus will be on dribbling the next passing, etc.
I know when I was first asked to coach many years ago I knew very little about the game of soccer or how to develop players for future competition. Here is an opportunity to not only help develop our children for soccer but a chance for our coaches to learn from professionals so that they themselves become better parent coaches. Hopefully this program will pay dividends down the road when these children become old enough for travel soccer and eventually reach High School and beyond.